Clickbank Affiliate Product Presell Landing Page

Alright, so after choosing a profitable Clickbank product that you want to promote by looking at the rising trend of the product from Affiliate Elite, your next step would be to research the market to gather more information and eventually decide whether to build a presell page or a review page.

What you would normally do is to type in the most common keyword of the niche into Google and start looking at your competitors landing page and ad copy. Do you sometimes think that this is very time consuming and wish that there was a easier and faster process of researching your niche and looking at proven to work landing pages? Well, i would that Affiliate Elite has done a great job in reducing this time spend by more then 50%! ( 50% is only a rough estimation from me. ha )

In Affiliate Elite project no 4, all you have to do is to type in the Merchant ID and the software will go online and pull out all the websites that are promoting this products and instantly, within a matters of secs, bOOM!~ a whole list of affiliate appears together with the affiliate ID. That’s not all, even their website appears as well! So you can look at EVERY affiliate who are promoting the product, their landing page. You will know instantly whether a presell page do better or a review page do better by looking at what the majority of the affiliates are doing! There is no need to test whether your landing page will convert because all the work has been done for you! The poor affiliates have been spending so much time trying to test everything and see which converts the best. However we as Affiliate Elitees, gained an enormous amount of unfair advantage over those who do not have Affiliate Elite.

If you think that is not crazy enough to be letting you earn more money, there is a feature that’s even crazier. Just thinking about it sends me shivers down my spine. Affiliate Elites allows you to locate an Affiliate ID and it will analyze what the affiliate is currently promoting and the website that he used to promote the products. Imagine just being able to find a Super Affiliate ID and use Affiliate Elite to analyze the ID, you will be able to uncover ALL his profitable campaigns as well as landing page for you to learn and modify! Do you think this is crazy?

Affiliate Elite to me is a very scary tool and definitely a must have software if you are intending to make money through clickbank or paydotcom. And Brad Callen is probably crazy, it used to be $176 for the first month but he is letting you have FULL access to Affiliate Elite for only $4.95 for the first month.

Spend $4.95 to test trial Affiliate Elite to see if its worth the money. To me, this software covers for itself on the first day that i have used it.

Stay tuned to my next post where i will be talking about researching for keywords. Not only keywords, but PROFITABLE keywords that’s proven to work! Ha till then!

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