Have you migrated?

Yahoo and Bing are scheduled to merge on the 15th October. However, they have also mentioned that the migration can start as early as 11 October, which happens to be TODAY!

They will slowly be migrating the data over from Yahoo, so theortically you should start to see more click on Bing and lesser clicks on Yahoo until the 15th October.

I’m a bit laggy but i have successfully migrated everything over from Yahoo to Bing. The process is pretty simple but there’s some irritating process which was not done properly.

Stuff like Advanced match in Yahoo only equate to Broad match in Bing. You will be go into each adgroup and add in the phrase and exact match in Bing using the Bulk edit keywords functions.

Also, since yahoo accepts your ad headline up to 40 characters, Bing only allows 25 characters like Google so you’ll have to change EVERY single ads that’s more than 25 characters. This is really a chore if you are doing one keyword per adgroup and having 2 ads per adgroup. Good luck to you!

Ads and keywords that were previously approved and running on Yahoo for ages have to go through the same approval process again in Bing. This will take up more time on getting your keywords activated and since today is a public holiday in the US, its not helping at all.

This one is quite irritating. The migration does not migrate the bid price over so everything in Bing is set to the minimum at $0.05. If you have set your individual bid price for every keywords like i have. Good luck to you

That’s about all there is to the migration and ranting. Seriously i hate Bing interface and everything about Bing. But since they are merging, guess we just have to get adapted to it and hopefully brings us more traffic and benefits us in the long run.

Have you migrated yet?

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