Niche Domination Or Niche Diversification?

I suppose this is a question that many people are confused about. Would you rather create 1 campaign that earn $5,000 a month of 100 campaigns that earn $50 a month each?

Both has its pros and cons. In niche domination, you have to be very familiar with the topic so provide really good quality content for your readers and subscriber. Position yourself as the expert in this niche and you’ll make big money online.

For niche diversification, what you have to do is just to take a small slice of the market pie. All you have to do is to know a little about the niche and provide a little content for your readers. You do not have to spend so much time researching and reading up the particular topic. You do not need to be an expert. Just know enough.

Throughout my journey in Affiliate Marketing and reading up countless ebooks about Affiliate Marketing. I have used niche diversification as my main strategy. I would locate up a profitable product on Clickbank, do some research on the particular product and throw up a mini site to the product and quickly start my PPC campaigns on the niche. I have made some nice money using this method.

However, after today onwards, i have decided to change my strategy towards Niche Domination. Not entirely just focusing on one niche. But i will be choosing between 4-5 niche and focus completely on it. Focusing on one niche at a time and moving on only when i have dominate the niche market.

Why am i making such a drastic change to my strategy that has worked well for me? The reason is because of this guy call Tim Godfrey. He recently released a course on profiting from Clickbank. This guy is consistently making $1000 every day on Clickbank.

In his blueprint, he pin-pointed exactly the strategy i was using and explained that this kind of strategy was doomed to failed. In some niche, all i did was just do a iframe on my affiliate link to the merchant website. Tim said this strategy was not building my business. I’m actually building the Merchant’s business for him. What a fool i am. I was spending money driving traffic helping him to build his business. No doubt it will earn you some affiliate commission. But that’s not the point. I was not looking far. I was not building a business to last. I was only trying to make money online.

In his blueprint, he suggested a strategy of how you should be building your business and explained the rationale behind every step of his marketing process. After reading his course, i finally understood why he was able to make a 4 figure income DAILY! No doubt it takes some hard work and effort on your part. But nobody said building a online business was easy.

He completely changed my mindset towards Affiliate Marketing and made me see things from a different point of view. In his product headline, this was what he said;

WARNING: Abandon Everything You Thought You Knew About Profiting With Clickbank!!

Before i read Tim’s course, i was thinking yeah right, you must be another marketer with a big list and going to bull shit to me about making big bucks online. But after i read the course, i saw the headline again and thought to myself, “How True!”

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