October Update

October passed by in a swift and its fast approaching the end of year real SOON. And if you are an internet marketer, you’ll know that year ends means MORE money and income for you. Holiday season only means more spending for consumers which only means more money for us marketers and wen winter comes, people will stay home and use the computer instead of heading to the beaches etc. So more money again.. Now is the time to start preparing your campaigns for the holiday seasons..

It has been a while since all those bad things that happened to me a few months back and things are starting to fall back in place. My income for Aug and Sept was actually only 3 figure ($xxx) because i did not do anything online and i had no time to work online. In Oct, after i freed up my commitment and really started working hard building my campaigns once again.

My income for Oct has gone up to the 4 figure range in terms of net profit and i’m pretty sure i will bring it up to the 5 figure range pretty soon! :) Lots of testing done this month. Found winners and lost money on losers. I lost about $1,000usd on Facebook though.. Ha i just cant get Facebook to work for me. Probably aint fated.. :( I’m just gonna focus on my current successful campaigns and focus on scaling them up.

Here’s stats for the month of Oct:

Revenue:  $24,692.27

Cost: $18,022.42

Profit: $6669.85

Most part of income actually came from the last week of the month when i successful scaled up my PPV campaigns to about $300-$800 net profit per day range and that is why i am able to profit about $5k odd at the end of the month.

Looks like i made the right choice is giving up my commitments and choosing to focus on building my online business and income. :)

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