Testimonial #7 – Ed Soon + MOre Surprises…

I received a surprised email from one of my former student Ed Soon just today and it really made my day… It was a email from him to thank me personally for my coaching and how it has helped to changed his life..

Below is the uncut version and its 100% exactly what he posted plus he send me a very nice screenshot of his w4 account~

This further shows that my system actually worked and it can helped someone who knows nothing about affiliate and cpa marketing and helped them to changed their life and become a more successful person.

Here’s the email he send to me…


Hi Ivan,
I just want to thank you for your coaching and all your help. You are awesome! You didn’t ask me to but I want to write a review for your personal coaching, to thank you officially.

To all you folks out there reading Ivan’s blog and wondering if all this is real, I can honestly tell you that Ivan is THE REAL DEAL.

I remember before signing up for his coaching, I kept asking him in many different ways but essentially all asking the same thing: does this really work?

And I can tell you now, it does.

Ivan’s methods are deceptively simple but they have been distilled from years of experience, and included in his coaching is the signing-up of an awesome affiliate network (w4, yr the best!), the traffic network, the tracking software installation and setup (i’m sure this is a major stumbling block.. how many of you knows what cpvlab really is, let alone install & setup properly on a dedicated server), and the targeting methods that actually work (this alone will save you time and money)

Coaching does come with a price but the rewards are recurring if you put in the effort, time and money (extra income anyone?). I’ve already made back the costs of the coaching and setup, and then some. And I’m only just BARELY scratching the surface of the full potential of this, for sure, even after nearly 6 months. I’ve attached my Dec screenshot – as of writing, its only 5 Dec 2012 and my month-to-date revenue is already $720+. Remember though, this is revenue, not margin.. but all i can say my margin is positive :)

Btw I’ve always disliked the phrase ‘if i can do it, so can you’, but in this case i think its entirely true and applicable. if a 34 yr old family guy working in a full time job and who hasn’t even heard of PPV or CPA or Ivan Ong before Jun 2012 can do it, why not u? Of course you’d need to have a supportive and understanding wife though, cos make no mistake about it – while the approach is simple to emulate, you will have to put in the hours of hard work to do the research, setup, test and then to optimize.

Some tips for those considering to take Ivan’s coaching:
-This is perfect for newbies who need a mentor. But be prepared to invest serious time, money & effort into this. The rewards are yours to take. If not, dont bother really.
-Be prepared to ask lots of questions. Ivan is very experienced and willing to share but you learn more only if you ask more.
-Be prepared to take lots of notes since his teaching is mostly verbal & showing you the ropes. And do the homework he gives so you learn by doing, not just theory. (yes got homework one..)

So if you want to leapfrog the learning curve and into the earning curve, then you definitely can do that with Ivan’s coaching.

Lastly let me leave you with a quote I’ve heard before that should motivate all of us: “..Do today what others won’t, so tomorrow you can do what others can’t..”



Of course, hard work has to come from you. But if you are willing to put in the hard work, its pretty impossible why you cannot succeed with my proven system…

My system is already proven to work from all the testimonials i have received so far..

Are you still sitting on the fence? ;p

Email me @ zeroaffiliate@live.com for the password to view my personal coaching page

Today i received another surprised letter from the bank too. I have just qualified to win a 3D2N villa stay in Maldives and its worth US$1856

I’ll definitely be heading to Maldives again sometime next year in the near future again~ Thanks you DBS bank.. :)

This is definitely one of the perks of using paid traffic to drive traffic for your business. You not only are leveraging on your credit card for positive ROI. You definitely am well loved by the banks.

This is just one of the many prizes that i have won for being a big spender on my credit card. Of course, when you use your credit card to buy traffic for more money, you are leveraging on the use of good debt to expand on your business for better cashflow~

Don’t be afraid to buy traffic, because more often than not, the rewards that you get back is more than encouraging.

Life’s good~

PS: the year is coming to an end soon and i will be reviewing my goals and have a recap of the past 1 awesome year again.

Have you achieved your goals and dream?

There’s still time to go so don’t slacken off if you hasn’t hit your target~!


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