The Magical 5 Figure Day

Wooohooo… Today, June 29th 2009, is a magical day for me.. Today marks a milestone for my affiliate marketing business career. Two major event happen today.

1) My revenue for 28th June crossed the 5 figure mark at exactly 2.04pm Singapore time (1104pm PST). I managed to hit $10,124.90 in gross revenue and its real a darn exciting day for me.. Could hardly sleep at night just to monitor the stats and make sure that i do not exceed my budget. 5fig

However, my cost is pretty high at $8400, which leaves me with about a 20% gross margin which is low! My action plan now will be to tweak my campaign to increase the landing page CTR and also optimizing ads for CTR and QS and also delete non converting keywords… Hope this baby carry on! :)

The reason why i was able to scale it up so quickly is because of a tip that Jonathon Volk said in his interview with Tracking202. You can watch the interview here and see if you can catch the ultimate tip that Jonathon said.

2) I registered my company today! Met up with some accountants and tax people to discuss the details of the company. Its really troublesome now that i have a company and personal name. Everything gotta be accounted for even though ALL the money is yours… but the tax relief for Pte Ltd is very good though..

Affiliatepedia Pte Ltd is the name of my company.. Nice name? ha


June is coming to an end soon and i’ll have an update of my progress for June pretty soon and i’m finally doing up the last part of my PPV Traffic report so stay tune.. :)

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