The Process Of Ramping Up A Campaign

Once you have found a profitable campaign, its not the time to slack and start congratulating yourself that you have found a profitable campaign and start taking in that $100+ a day profit.

What you should be doing now, is actually to work even harder and start ramping your campaigns up to the level of $1000 profit a day or even $2000 pure profit a day.

What most affiliate does is to move on and search for the next profitable campaign and this itself is a grave mistake. Its always easier to make money from a profitable campaign then to search for another profitable campaign.

Since i am in the process of ramping a campaign up, i will be sharing some of the methods that will allow myself to ramp up a campaign. I have learn a great deal of how to ramp things up and i’m going to put everything together…

1) Increase the numbers of keywords you are bidding. Obviously, this will help you to increase your traffic to your offer. Not only do you want to increase any sort of traffic but traffic that is similiar to what you are currently receiving.

There’s several ways of getting more similar traffic  to your landing page.

  • Increase your traffic source by expanding your Adwords campaign to both Yahoo and MSN. I do not know about 2nd tier search engine but i do know that Yahoo and MSN can get you a rather decent amount of clicks and these clicks will be similiar to your Google traffic. Exporting your campaigns to Yahoo and MSN is fairly easy. Simply use and convert your Google Adwords campaign over to Yahoo and MSN… Simple…
  • Use your awstats from Cpanel to get a large amount of keywords that you can consider adding to your keyword list. On the left sidebar of your awstats, there is a link that says Search Keyphrase, click on that link and you’ll be happy with what you see. :)
  • Bid on Google content network by using the same keywords that you are currently bidding on your search network. Not only the content network, use Google Placement targeting to target relevant websites that will bring you additional traffic and volume to your landing page. Google network is a totally different game from the search network so be sure to read up more on how to tackle the content network before entering.

2) Increase your Ads CTR.. Getting a higher CTR means getting more clicks for yourself and it will also help to boost your quality score.

3) Increase your Landing Page CTR.. Aim for a higher CTR from your landing page to your merchant site. An increase in 10% of your landing page CTR will cause yourself to get 10% more clicks which will eventually convert to money for you. Think of how you can increase your landing page further and keep testing till you get the maximum CTR. If you guys have been reading Amit Mehta blog at www.SuperAffiliateMindset, he stresses the importance of creating a different landing page for every adgroup. Guess what, i did just that and i saw an CTR increase of 10%! That’s 10% more traffic from whatever clicks that you already have. Keep thinking of how you can improve your CTR and keep testing them!

4) Build a list and start sending them autoresponder message to persuade them to take up the offer and even give them different offers for them to take up. You will get 100% free traffic from your visitors and these visitors are super targeted people whom you can email again and again for them to take up new offers which will add a nice chunk of revenue for you. :)

There you are! these are some of the ways that i have found about how you can scale your campaigns upwards.  I will be implementing these strategy soon and see how much i can ramp my campaigns up. I’m aiming for $1000 profit by end of this month using the above strategies.

Remember… CRANK.. RAMP… BANK!

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