Tracking To Riches

Tracking is like the most important things that you should be doing in your Affiliate Marketing business. Especially if you are a traffic broker whereby you are spending money to buy traffic.

Tracking could very well turn your campaign from a loser to a complete winner. It’s very important to know which keywords are converting for you and which keywords are losing money every single day. So even if i am losing money in the beginning of the campaign, i do not pause it because i will track and eliminate keywords that does not convert and hopefully make it a winner.

So how do i track my keywords? How do i know which keywords are converting and which ain’t? I use a software call Xtreme Conversion. Basically what it does is that i places a cookie on your website so that it can track where the user is coming from and from which keyword they are coming from.

This is how the xtreme conversion interface looks like. You install it in your own web hosting so no one other than yourself can view your stats and you can be sure that no one would steal your profitable keywords away.

(Click on the picture to enlarge it)

Xtreme conversion will give you a tracking number for every single keyword and for every single domain that the keyword come from so that you know EXACTLY what’s converting for you.

This tool has been invaluable for me because my ppc expenses have dropped significantly ever since i have been tracking with Xtreme Conversions. Xtreme Conversion cost $97 to buy but so far it has been one of the most worthy investment that i have made in my Internet Business.

Anyway, i could help you to set up your xtreme conversion interface and set up all your SQL databases should you decide to buy Xtreme Conversion here. I could also coach you via email on how to use Xtreme Conversion and track everything down to the exact keyword level.

If $97 is too much for you, there’s a free tool call Prosper202 which does tracking for you too and its also self hosted. Have never used that tool before but i heard it’s quite good so you might want to give it a try if you think $97 is too much to spend for your business.

No matter which tool you decide to use, tracking is one of the most important element in PPC traffic brokering and if you are not tracking to the keyword level at this stage, then you are losing out to all your competitors and if you think why you are failing campaign after campaign, tracking might be the solution to the problem. Think about it guys. :)

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