Understand And Own Yahoo Quality Score

Quality score is a big deal with it comes to Pay per click marketing. Quality score can help you lower your bid price. Maximize ads exposure on the search engine.  We should all be aiming for a 5/5 quality score on Yahoo.

But what are the steps and precaution you need to take to ensure 5/5 quality score? This is one of my ads in my Yahoo account that i set it up yesterday.  Getting a 5/5 quality score is not as hard as it seems.  Here’s what i did:

1) I group my keywords tightly in an adgroup. Have no more then 50 keywords in an adgroup and they must all be closely related. For example, if i am promoting a golf ebook and my adgroup is golf swing. the keywords i have in my adgroup will definitely have to contain the word golf swing. Some of my keywords would be;

improve golf swing, how to improve my golf swing, types of golf swing etc. I know this is not the best method of doing up a campaign that super affiliate does. But i’m slowly moving towards that direction.

2) My ads will contain the word golf swing at least twice. Once in the headlines and one more in the ad text. It would be good if you could have one more in your destination URL. :)

3) My landing page will also have the keyword golf swing in it. I created a dynamic landing page that would be relevant to each keyword that the user searched. For example, if the visitor searched for how to improve my golf swing in yahoo and click on my ads, my landing page will be adjusted accordingly and would included the keyword how to improve my golf swing several times through the landing page.

Basically, in order to get 5/5 for your landing page, you have to connect these 3 factors together. Keywords to Ads to landing page. They must all be related and linked to each other. Unlike Google adwords, you do not need to have a real website to get slapped by them. Yahoo is more merciful and does not slap its clients with $5-$10 minimum bids just because they think your ads is not relevant.

Go sign up with Yahoo search marketing and so get some 5/5 quality score and make some money!

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