Warning: 100% For Newbie’s Eye Only

My facebook screenshot of my student earnings as well as my own earnings screen shot has kinda gotta a super huge rave over the possibility of earning huge income from the comfort of your own home.

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w4 super affiliate earning


I also got asked by many people what exactly am i doing and what is my business all about? I thought referring people to my blog would still be too complicated for most people.. Therefore, i reckon i should write in this post to explain what is my blog post all about!


Warning: Experienced marketers please do not read this post because its meant for people who have totally no clue about what CPA marketing is!


1) What the f**k am i doing to earn so much money online?

My business is basically a online business and is 100% commission based. I basically help USA companies to promote their products online and earn a commission for a sale made or a prospect generated for the company

For example, someone order a Starbucks coffee online through me. Starbucks will pay me a commission. As simple as that..

2) How do I find people to buy products from me?

I basically advertise on the internet through various means. I will look out for people who will be interest in my advertisement and place my advertisement there.

So I essential buy traffic from many places on the internet and convert them into commission for me when someone purchase or fill up a form.

3) What is CPA marketing?

CPA marketing is a form of affiliate marketing model whereby you earn money when someone fills up a registration form or download a free game or submit request for a quotation from a loan company

The niches involve is almost unlimited.. You can promote any products in the world.

Only with CPA marketing, you can make money without having to sell anything online and that’s why it’s much easier to make alot of money usin g this system.

4) how much money can u make?

To be honest, it’s not how much money can you make. It’s how much money DO you want to make. The income potential is unlimited. There is no limit to how much money you can make. I have seen people doing $100,000 a day with this CPA business.

5) What is the startup cost required?

You can start from as little as $1000 in your bank.. That’s the amount that I had in my bank with I started this business.

To begin a business with unlimited upside income potential with just $1000 as capital, this is probably the best business in the world.

All you need is really just a laptop and a internet connection and you’ll be on your way

6) Why should I join your coaching program? How is your coaching program different from others?

To be frank, there is no one in Asia teaching CPA marketing. I’m the only one in Singapore who is open to coaching you guys on CPA marketing.

My program focuses on speed and results.. If you look at my students live testimonial, you’ll see that most of them are doing 4-5 figure income a month within just 1-3 months.

Check out my student testimonial here

These are people who do not have any prior knowledge or any prior business and they all started from 0..

I don’t think any internet marketing program out there can achieve this amazing results. I’m also pretty impressed myself.. LOL..

My coaching program is split into 4 weekly sessions over a month. This allows you to learn and absorb the knowledge after each session and to have hands on practice. You can begin to start your campaign within the program and you will see MONEY flowing into your account within the first month of training!

7) How can I sign up?

You will need to email me at zeroaffiliate@live.com to get the password to access to my coaching details page and we can proceed from there!

I guess that pretty sums up all the basic questions you need to know about how I can make so much money from my online business..


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