Year In Review 2012 & Goals For 2013

Its time for a review of the year 2012 again. Every year during this period, i would review myself for the last 1 year and also to update my goal for the next year and hoping to further upgrade myself to become a better person.

There’s only one word that i can use right now to summarize the whole of 2012 for me… And that is WOW!

This year has been unlike any other year that i have ever experienced in terms of my business, career and also personal relationships.

To be honest, this year i had a drop of 21% in terms of my total nett profit ( In 2011, i did SGD$400,000 in nett profit, so you can easily calculate how much i have done for the year 2012) from 2011. However, the life experience that i have gotten from this year alone triumph the whole of my 4 years working on my business. I have embarked and done so many things that i have never ever dream of doing.

Here’s why in terms of my business and career;

  1. I embarked onto a whole new experience of doing public speaking. It wasn’t speaking to a large group of people. The maximum i spoke to was just 70-80 people. From a very quiet man who don’t really like to talk much. I have now evolved into a man who can talk non stop from 10am till 6pm for 2 days straight when i am conducting my own workshop and seminar. It’s quite an amazing feat for me because i already find it very challenging to do public speaking in the past
  2. I learned the art of selling in a public event and the skills required for me to do closing in front of the stage. This is something that i never dream of doing but now i am doing it currently, there’s so much to learn and the complexity of the concept is so profound. This skill doesn’t apply just to work, but it also applies in your daily life. I want to thank my personal mentor, Jaz Lai, for being willing to share with the the skills and helping me to where i am today. For the year 2012, i generated a 6 figure income just from this portion of my business.
  3. I traveled so many times for business trip that it almost unbelievable. I went to Hanoi, Vietnam twice for a work trip and 15 times to Kualar Lumpur, Malaysia for seminars and events.  The experience has never been greater.vietnam internet secrets
  4. I got an office with my girlfriend! Though it was just a short lease, but having a office to increase your work productivity is always good! But we were just too lazy and eventually we stopped the lease of the office.
  5. I did a breakthrough in and receive up to 7 checks in a month for the commission.
  6. I have now 7 full testimonial of my students who took up personal coaching who have used my system and have their lives changed. (My top student did slightly close to 6 figure income in nett profit online. He used to earn only $30,000/annum)

    This is his w4 screenshot from his iphone when he did his first USD$2k day!

    This is his w4 screenshot from his iphone when he did his first USD$2k day!

In terms of my personal life;

  1. I traveled more times that i ever did this year. I went to Bangkok thrice this year alone. I also went to Korea, Macau, China, Australia, Bintan twice, Philippines and also Hong Kong. That’s 10 trips in total for the year 2012. Here’s some photos that i have taken along the way.. (More to come Jane Neo!)
  2. This is something very personal but i still want to post it on my blog as one of the major life changing moments that i have in 2012. I almost let slip of someone so important to me but i have manage to get her back to my side. This person is none other than my girlfriend Jane. I was silly enough to not cherish her in the past but now i know and finally realized… She’s the one i have been looking for and i’ll cherish her now.
  3. i lost 5kg of weight from 2011! This is quite an achievement too and now i have been trying my best to exercise regularly to keep my weight in check. I hope to lose 5 more kg in the year 2013 and that will bring me down to a good weight and health.

2012 past by in a flash and its really scary to see how fast time can fly. But as long as you know exactly where your time went to and put them into good use, then it’ll be a fulfilling year.

The year 2012 has been hell of a year for me. So what am i expecting for the year 2013?

In 2013, here’s what i hope to achieve;

  1. Hit SGD$500,000 in annual income ~ this is a challenge set by Jane to see who can compete to hit that first. This has been my goal for the past 2 years and i still have not hit it yet. So i must make sure i can achieve that goal in 2013!
  2. Get another property in Singapore/Malaysia! I already have the funds available to purchase my next property but i am just looking for the RIGHT opportunity to enter the market.
  3. Accumulate more credit card Air Miles so i can get more free air ticket to travel the world! I’ll have to get more profitable campaigns up so that i can increase my traffic spending as much as i can!
  4. Next traveling destination on the world map with my girlfriend Jane for 2013 – Maldives, Japan, Europe, Bali, USA
  5. Lose 5 kg more in weight. I lost about 5kg for 2012.. so 2013 i aim to lose 5 more!
  6. Things to learn to upgrade myself – Boat License (already on the way), Scuba Diving (refresher course), Golf license and handicap
  7. Get upgraded to the Amex Platinum Charge card with no credit limit from the gold card
  8. Affiliatepedia Pte Ltd revenue to cross $1,000,000
  9. My secret project with my partner cum mentor to prosper (i’ll work really hard in 2013 to make this work!)
  10. Love my baby girl with all my heart!

This are the top 10 goals that i have and hope to achieve in 2013 and i hope i can strike every single one of them out from my goal list!

What are your goals for 2013 and your review of 2012? Share them with me using the FB comment below!


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