Hot Tips Just For You

If you want your website to have lots and lots of traffic, you need… links. Ha that doesn’t sound like a hot tip isn’t it?

I’m not talking about incoming links. Everyone remembers that they have to work their fingers to the bone to get those. I’m talking about outgoing links. If you simply reference someone else’s blog in your post and link to it, you won’t do your traffic size much good. You won’t do it any harm either though and you will help your site.

When you mention what’s happening on other sites, yes, you risk sending people away before they’ve hit an ad or affiliate link. But you also show that you’re part of a community and that you’re up to date with what’s happening in your field. It might cost you a few clicks, but you’ll help to build trust.

And when the owner of the site you’ve linked to sees your post, there’s a very good chance he’ll link back, replacing those lost ad clicks.

The other kind of link takes a bit more work. If you’ve seen a site that impresses you, instead of just linking to it, you could contact the person behind it and write about them. A few emailed questions would be enough to give you a good post or even two. When you tell them that their profile is up, what are the odds that they won’t put a link to it on their site?

There! Hot tips for you. Enjoy blogging!


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