Clickbank Is Not Dead

Recently, there has been alot of hype and talks about how Clickbank is experiencing a technical problem whereby their affiliate cookie is not being tracked and people are not getting the commission they deserve and thus people’s sales went down.

Some attributed it to be the economic slowdown and some attributed it to the technical problems from Clickbank. Many people have email Clickbank regarding this issue but Clickbank deny the issue that their affiliate tracking cookie went wrong.

My Clickbank sales went down too. Way way way down to rock bottom. From$1k+ a week, i dropped all about $200+ a week in revenue. I thought it was the tracking issue too and it was then i thought Clickbank was dead and not worth working on it anymore..

I took a look at my PAUSED Clickbank campaigns last week and decided to do a relaunch on them. Just to give Clickbank one more chance because it used to work so well and Wala! Clickbank has not disappointed me at all. My sales went right back up to $1k+ a week, back to where it was orginally and it seems like its going stronger! Below is a screenshot of my stats for Clickbank in the past few weeks… Clickbank is not dead!So keep working on them again.. :)

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