Getting Approved By CPA Network

As newbies, affiliate network tend to not want you to join them as an affiliate. Especially so for those big affiliate network like Hydra, Azoogle and CXDigital… I too… have been rejected by Hydra 3 times before i got accepted in as an affiliate…

However, i realise the trick to helping you get accepted by them and i’m going to tell you the trick now. I realise that it is easier if you are referred by someone to his/her affiliate manager. Usually if the affiliate manager know that you are being referred by someone that is doing relatively good volume in the network, the affiliate manager will usually just go ahead and approve you.

I have already tested and proven this strategy 3 times and all 3 of these people who applied under my affiliate link got into the network without them even calling you to verify your status and identity.

For all of you guys who are constantly being rejected by CPA networks, click on the banner above this post to join under my link for Hydra Network and i’ll informed my affiliate manager about you so that you can get approved quickier and into a network that’s reptuable and huge..

Hope this small tip helps! :)

Edit: Many have commented that they do not see my affiliate link. Simply click on the Hydra orange banner and you’ll be under me.
Simply state that you are recommended by Ivan Ong and is looking for Van as your Affiliate Manager

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