Keep You Goals In Mind

Mindset is really very important when it comes to doing any business. With the correct mindset, no obstacles are big enough to block you or stop you from succeeding.  In the course of starting your business. I’m sure a lot obstacles will surfaced and stop you from succeeding. If not, the whole world will be successful already isn’t it. But what separates the successful and the unsuccessful is only about what they know or do not know. But its about their mindset. About what they really want. About how much they want to achieve success.

After 2 months of doing CPA, i had my first bump on my head. My commission dipped. Campaigns that were earning me big bucks last month suddenly became non-profitable. I had not done anything to my campaigns but it just went down. All the way down.

I think this month i’m only on track to nett 1k+

Discouraged? Yes… Disappointed? Yes… Planning to give up? Hell NO…

So what’s my plan now?

  • Revise what has happen to my campaigns and make changes to it.
  • Find out what i have not done properly and correct it.
  • Revise my methods of launching a campaign and start launching them again.
  • Create websites that are more google friendly so that i won’t have any problems in the long run.
  • I should start working out my timetable to mange between my school work, my internet business and my girlfriend. Gotta start forcing myself and get out of my comfort zone soon man..

Keep your goals in mind. Because that’s the most important factor to success… Remember why you need to succeed and you will… My short term goal now is to earn enough money to bring my girlfriend for a holiday during our school holidays coming up in May/June and where i go depends on how much i can earned within this few months.  I have to pull up my socks and start bucking up..

PS: I just got my commission check from Primary Ads for Dec 2007. Gonna be my last check from them. After that i’ll be on wire transfer for payment.

Work towards there! You’ll be there soon. :)

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