Yay!! Free Tools For All PPC Marketers…

Recently, there has been a few good tools that’s out in the market for all PPC marketers to use. And the best things of all is that its totally free for all to use. There must be a reason behind why they are giving out all these tools free for everyone. Must have some backend profits to be made. But heck.. who cares if its free. Must make the best use out of it. :) Here goes:

1) Wordze Google Trend – Free Tool by Wordze to provide you with all the keyword searches under Google from Jan 2008 and have more then 119,200 keyword now and its increasing every single day. Allows to find out what are the popular keywords that’s being searched around the world so that you can identify what products to sell to the hunger market.

2) Offer Vault – This tool was previously only offered to members of Affiliate Radar but the owner has thus decided to let everyone have it for free. This tool is used to find affiliate offers from 25 affiliate networks. This will allow you to find the highest paid offer for the same campaigns and offers so that you can give yourself a instant payout on your earnings!

Why Free? I suppose the owner wants you to sign up for those networks that you have not signed up for and earned the referral commission for signing under his link. Instant residual income for him for the rest of his life as long as his referral remains an affiliate marketer.

3) Tracking202 Beta – Software that’s way better that affiliate radar and gives you detailed report of how have your keywords converted. How many clicks, how many conversion etc. Provides graphs and charts for your report. If you think affiliate radar is too expensive for you, US$97/month, go ahead and give tracking202 a shot. I have just signed up for the account and will be trying it out soon. :)

Why Free? There have been rumors saying that the owner actually has your keyword list for your campaigns as well as your landing page, he can easily steal your keyword list away and start his own campaigns and start profiting from your hardwork. Even though the owner claims he will not do that, but who knows. My advise is that if you are not a big time affiliate marketer like Amit from SuperAffiliateMindset or Paul from UberAffiliate , then it really doesn’t matter to you. No harming risking your keyword lists that’s might lose you money for something that’s worth at least US$97/month.

4) Efficient PPC – Works better then SpeedPPC, Cheaper then SpeedPPC. This tool is not free. It cost US$99 and US$19 every month. If not you can opt for a one time payment of US$347 and use the tool for as long as you are an affiliate marketer. Help you churns out campaigns faster then anything. Help you create templates situation for Yahoo and MSN for the campaigns you created for Google so that you can do your campaign once, and test it in all 3 search engine. Wonderful tool to help you save tons of time.

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