A Must Have To Prosper 202 Modification

I know this is a little lag, but i just wanted to post this out to let people who do not already know this to know this and have this excellent modification to their current Prosper202 software.

I was surfing around the net reading blogs when i stumble upon Josh Todd blog on the top 5 Propser202 Modification and Add on that you have can. I was quite interesting and i thought the third one really stand out.

3. Prosper202 LP Click-Through for Text Ads & Keywords Mod

This mod actually allow you to view individual keyword landing page CTR and its really a gem modification. With the current Prosper202, you can only see the overall landing page CTR but this really add one more step by letting you know each keywords CTR. This will help you to weed out non converting keywords based on leads, but also weed out non converting keywords based on the CTR on your landing page!

This is really a cool feature from Nerdy Affiliate and this is the link to the most update version.

(Prosper202 LP CTR Mod 1.6.1)

Below is a installation video that will run through how you can install the script onto your current Prosper202 install.

This is all the update i have for you now. Enjoy your Propser202 new feature. I personally am loving it!

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