Chapter 3: The Twist

Outsourcing seems alien to me. All these while i have never really outsourced any work out to anybody. I did everything myself and tried learning everything myself.

I started to look at Freelancer and got myself a article writer from Pakistan. She was awesome and her English was top notch. She wrote 10 articles for me in Ezine articles and i  was straight away promoted to Platinum account. As compared to the times where i posted 30 articles and i was still basic account due to many errors in my English article. lol…  It was then i finally realized that i can’t be good at everything.

I started outsourcing more and more stuff up to free myself from the unlimited work that i use to have. I outsourced my articles writing, my link building for my blog, my website coding and website design. Now i have 2 website coder and designer from China and Indian respectively and they are an awesome people with superb skills.

I even outsourced setting up my PPV campaigns. I basically broke it down into a step by step series and trained my assistant to follow the simple instructions to do it. Though it took quite a while before he understood, it was definitely worth the time!

Things started to ease up for me. I started having more free time for myself to do the things i like. I travel frequently to look at the world.

I had time to travel almost every 2-3 months and had a time of my life. It’s good life. Money is good. The lifestyle is good. I had almost everything i wanted.

Yet i felt something was missing in my life. I’ll talk about what’s missing in the next Chapter 4: The Missing Link

PS: I promise it wont take too long for the next chapter to come like this one. I was really busy and didn’t really know what to write for this chapter. I apologize for that to keep my readers waiting.

Chapter 4 will be coming soon! Stay tuned!



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