Ebay Partner Network – Another New Source Of Revenue

ebay partner network

Recently i have been checking ebay’s own affiliate program out and what i must say is that it definitely looks promising and have potential to earn a nice chunk of income from Ebay. Afterall, ebay’s like the world largest shopping place on the Internet.

So how does EPN works? Basically, it works in a very simple concept of driving traffic to ebay via your affiliate link and when a user successfully purchase anything from Ebay, you will get a cut of the commission. The commission may not seems very high but be aware that there are definitely very high priced item selling on Ebay and you might just hit one or two of them in a while. Ebay affiliate cookie last for 7 days, meaning if anyone that is sent to ebay by your link purchase something from Ebay, you will still get your deserved commission.

However, there are many restrictions on EPN program and they are catching up on people who drive traffic via the illegal method like cookie stuffing and ppc redirect etc. But there’s no need to be afraid if you are just driving normal legal traffic to Ebay.

Sign up for EPN below if you wish to. I will look into this program and see what i could get out of this affiliate program by Ebay. :)


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