This Is God Damn Funny…

I am a loyal reader of… He’s god damn funny and he never fails to make me go lol after his every blog update… I don’t know what’s wrong with him but anyway he’s very entertaining…

A few month backs, flogs and farticles were working damn well and everyone was ripping each other off and duplicating each other landing pages to promote their rebills stuff… ha This guy from did it again by posting this super funny blog post titled : Rip this Lander and Make $413,294.08 a Day

hahah… go check out his blog post… its really god darn funny…

oh yeah… and on his sidebar you will see this images about some CPA network… You’ll see one banner with W4 and it looks like this..

w4 network

w4 network

The first girl to appear is my affiliate manager Leah… Isn’t she pretty… haha Join from my link and get her as your AM… :)

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