Which Card Is Better For CPA Marketing?

Not long ago, Paul from UberAffiliate.com recommended using the Plum Card from American Express that allows you to have a special 2% cash back on all business transaction. This means that you are actually already making money even if you break even on your campaigns. So the more you spend, the more you actually earned!

What if you are based in Singapore? The Plum Card is only offered in USA and not in Singapore. So what card is the best card for CPA Marketing?

In Singapore, we are exposed to exchange rate loses and from my calculation, for every US$1000 that you spend on your credit card, you are actually losing about SGD$30 on exchange rate lost and this results in a even smaller profit margin for you and if you are just breaking even, you are actually losing money. There is actually no credit card available online that can charge you in USD so that you can pay in USD and avoid the exchange rate lost.

However, Standard Chartered Bank has this plan that allows you to open up a USD account and issue you with a Debit Card that allows you to do all your transaction in USD. This way, you wont lose out on the exchange rate. But but but, you must first qualify to be in their priority banking category which means you must have at least SGD$100,000 deposited with them. You can check out more of this card here.


However, if you do not have SGD$100,000 like me, ha then you can opt for a cheaper option which is the CitiBank Divided Platinum card which offers cashback of up to 5% for some transactions but for business transactions, the cash back is only 0.5%. But hey, this is better then nothing. Meaning for every US$1000 that you spend, you actually get back SGD$7.05 and reduce your exchange rate lost to SGD$23.

Check out the CitiBank Dividend Card here

That’s about all that i have researched so far, if there are some other cards that gives you a better offer, please let me know by giving your comments so that we all can benefit and cut our exchange rate lost. :)

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