4 Holiday Trips In November & $34,052.43 later..

Time flies really quickly when you enjoy what you are doing in your career and time flies even faster when you are on a traveling trip overseas!

In a blink of an eye, its already Decmember of 2012! I still can’t believe how fast this year has past, it only seems i just celebrated New Year Day yesterday and now Christmas is just around the corner…

The year end period is always a dilemma for you whether i should work hard because Nov and December are usually when my sales peak due to the holiday season and people are buying things like crazy on the Internet. So should i follow just like everyone else where they take long breaks and go on holiday trips during this period.

I decided that i should just hack it and just enjoy myself~ In Novemeber, i actually took holiday for 4 times. Almost every weekend, i am not in Singapore.

I went for 2 trip to Kuala Lumpur for seminar with my good friend and partner Jaz Lai, and also a 5-day trip to Macau and China and another 6 days trip to Kore.

Here’s some photos i took on my phone during the trip.. It was really enjoyable and really cold in Korea.. lol










































Lol, just look at how cute my Korea friend is~ she actually wrote my name and waited for me outside of the arrival hall in Korea airport…

In total, i was away from Singapore for almost 20 days in the month of November! I hardly touched my computer and of course i didn’t really touched my business at all. I just logged on once in a while to check that everything is running smoothly..

I’m very blessed that even when i am not physically around on my computer and sitting down to work on my campaigns and hitting hard on my keyboard, my business was still able to run for 30 out of 30 days on its own.

(The figure shown above is taken on the 30th November morning when the day hasn’t end, when it ended, the amount was at $34,052.43)

This is truly the Internet lifestyle that i have been striving hard for and i’m finally living my dream.

If you are interested and keen in changing your life and is sick of having to get approval from your company even before you can plan your holiday, then i guess you may want to consider learning Internet Marketing – generating more income online in your underwear and travel anytime you want~

I am still open for my coaching program  at http://ivan-ong.com/personal-coaching/ and if you are keen and wish to find out more, email me at zeroaffiliate@live.com to gain access to the password.

Talk to ya soon~

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