Are You Throwing AwayYour Hard Earned Money?

We all know that online marketing can make you money. People all know that you can make a lot of money driving traffic through Google Adwords Advertising program. However, do you know what you are doing? There are obviously some companies that are throwing away hundreds or even thousands of dollars to Google and not making anything in return. Here’s one fine example that i come across and i would like to share this with all of you here.

I was googleing for the keyword Pay Per View Formula. This is actually a Internet Marketing term and guess what came up for the sponsored listing?

Click on the picture to see the enlarged version of the screenshot. This guy advertising for baby diapers obviously do not know what he is doing. I think he is trying to advertise for the keyword baby milk formula and when you search for the keyword formula under broad keyword, any search that has keyword formula in it will appear in the search listing.

Therefore, when advertising on Google Adwords, be careful when using the broad keyword function as it will bring you unwanted clicks and cause you to lose money for nothing.

When using Google Adwords, be sure to use the negative keyword function as well to filter off any unwanted search that you can think of. Do your research well before attempting to set up any campaigns.

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