Clearing A US Check In Singapore

If you live in Singapore, you will know that the processing and admin charges to clear a US check is actually quite high. Dropping your check in the local bank check box will cost your around $10-$20 USD. Reason for the high admin fees is because there are 3 transactions that you have to pay a fee for. The local bank processing fee, the US bank processing fee and the wire transfer fees.

With such high charges, our profit margin readily reduces by quite a bit, especially if your check is in a small amount. I consulted a few of my Internet Marketing friends and they recommended me to deposit my Clickbank checks at Travelex Singapore. According to them, the admin charges to clear a US check from Travelex is only SGD$10, which equates to about only $7.40USD. You can definitely save some money just by simply depositing your check with Travelex.

If you need the address to Travelex, here you go;

Robinson 77
on 35th storey
77 Robinson Road #35-01
Robinson 77
Singapore 06889

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