My “Wonderful Clickbank Stats”

Take a look at my clickbank printscreen for today..


Did you get a shock? ha i’m making so much money… woooowwwwww.. I wished either.. haha actually this is pretty hilarious. I was reading a ebook and there’s this section that reads:

Fake it till You Make it…How to Make Yourself Look Like a Millionaire

As i read further down the section i realize that you could actually edit your clickbank stats or any other thing that you want on your Hydranetwork stats, your bank account stats to whatever figure you wanted. Crazy huh… You can even adjust the length of the clickbank sales bar to make it look real…

So this is exactly how some of the self proclaimed gurus are “faking” their online income when their REAL account is actually pathetic. In further if there’s a screenshot of clickbank stats. Take it with a pinch of salt because you never know if that person clickbank stats is for real or simply edited using a simple javascript code.

If you think about it, those so called “live video” can also be faked simply by presetting your sales figure to the fake amount and then record your video from there… You can also do many crazy things such as editing any page you want to anything you want… What the hell…

By the way, the figures up there are my actual clickbank sales except that its all inflated by 10 times… haha i know i suck earning so little money now… All of a sudden i feel damn rich being able to make money without doing anything… That’s what i call “Make Money With A Click Of A Mouse!” Damn those fake “gurus”!!!

By the way, in case you wanna play around with your stats, simply paste the below code into your window browser when you are at your stats page and have fun.. :)

javascript:document.body.contentEditable=’true'; document.designMode=’on'; void 0

Probably after reading this post you’ll take those screenshots you see online with a pinch of salt and probably don’t believe what they tell you how much they are earning…

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