Q&A Answers Round 1….

Here’s the first round of Question & Answers for those people who have asked a question!

Hey Jerome Yip… Yes… you can email me at zeroaffiliate@live.com for the password to access to the personal coaching page.. I am only intending to coach until the end of this year. So you better hurry! –> just kidding here..

Hi David,

For your budget wise… it really depends on you…You can set aside a daily budget for yourself so you can really control the amount of traffic that you want to buy everyday.

With paid traffic, you control how much traffic you want. You can even start as low as US$5 a day or even go as high as US$10,000 a day. (of course, you only spend US$10,000 a day when you have a jackpot campaign that can bring you revenue of US$15,000 a day)

Some network also require a minimum amount of deposit before you can even join the network. For example, Leadimpact will be $200 to join and Trafficvance will be $1000 minimum deposit to join.

With regards to your 2nd question.. Again, it depends on what is your objective… If you prefer doing list building, you may suffer a lower ROI on the front end due to the user having to opt in to your form first. But you can learn them back with your emailing and follow up sequence.

Of course, the best way to do list building with CPA is to do it via co-reg with Silver-Path. This way, you are able to have a sales funnel after the opt in to recoup back your front end advertising cost and also get paid to build you list.

Refer to this post for more information about Listing Building using the “Oppa Co-Reg Way” and Getting Paid To Build Your List

Yo Bro Winston, nice car on your profile pic! haha… You should know the answer whether you can or cannot. If you want to learn for free, just follow my blog.. I believe the information here is enough to help you make a full time income already!

Hey Jay Finks, i still use the strategy that i post in my free report very much and they still do very well. But of course, to get the maximum ROI from your adspend, i recommend you to start testing landing pages and also do some list building!

Usually , i start creating landing pages when i see that the offer is converting on direct linking. This saves me time from creating landing pages on offers that won’t convert.

Building landing pages also allows me to have new marketing angle to target a different audience than if i were to be doing direct linking. This is where the scaling portion comes in. I could be doing direct linking for a certain angle and target, and doing landing pages with another angle

Hi Pablo,

Yes… i have done alot of stuff internationally. Especially with Mundo Media. Good PPV traffic sources for europe would just be Leadimpact i reckon…

However, when i do my international campaigns, i usually focus on PPC and banner network that will usually have a larger inventory of traffic.

Some example would be like Adside, Adperium etc etc etc… :)

I follow some of the paid forums like StackThatMoney and also Affplaybook regularly.. If not you can check out the cpa bloggers aggregate at AffDaily.com (My blog is there too!)

Yes.. .direct linking is still very applicable today.. I have seen a webinar by owner of Adbeat doing $50k a day on clickbank using direct linking using Media Buys! Insane Insane!

I usually do a small testing budget of maybe $20-$50 on a traffic source and test the conversion rate. If i cant make a single conversion on that test budget, i would simply scrap the offer and move on. There’s a lot more good offers out there!

Now for the longest questions! 11 questions for Roman Boyko! So i left his to the last! Here goes:

1) Wow… this is like asking what campaigns are working for me! Auto insurance, Finance, CPS (cost per sale) offers all does well

2) Same answer as above

3) Yes… Trafficvance ftw! I running it via CPA.. Co-reg works as well.. But takes a lot more hard work to get it to convert with a good ROI on PPV traffic

4) All the major niches… Auto, Dating, Gaming, Finance, Loans, Debts, CPS, Seasonal offers

5) $1.60 payout offers, i usually spend about $20 – $30 testing… For $20 offers, i would usually use 2x the payout which is $40-$50 to test the offer

6) i’m running about 15-20 campaigns now that gives me most of my income

7) My Top Top Top Personal best day in terms of revenue is USD$17,341.29… In terms of profit day, my personal best is USD$6204.82 and i’m still looking to break that record!! Hopefully soon…

8) I’m in IM for about 5 years now. Times flies… god damn it! Its been too long ago since i last remember when i hit my first US$500 profit day. (ahhh… a look at my P/L sheet shows that i hit my first US$500 profit day on 11th December 2008…)

9) I got my tips and tricks from various people including people like Gauher for PPCF and PPVF, Tim Godfrey and Steven Clayton for Commission Blueprint, Anik and Amit for PPC Classroom, Mr Green, Besmir & StackThatMoney for STM forum, David Ford for Affplaybook forum and so many more… Its always important to keep learning and improve your skills…

10) Auto, Finance, CPS offers

11) Always make sure your CPV is lower than your EPV.. Cos that will make sure you never lose money.. At most you just wont have enough traffic to run the target. But you will never lose money this way!



Great! Anymore questions? I’ll be posting this to my list on this blog as well so i expect Q&A round 2 to have alot more questions!


Talk to you soon!

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