Secrets Of Internet Millionaires

I don’t know why this seems to be like a very low profile promotion for Stuart Tan, but he is coming out with his new book soon called the Secrets Of Internet Millionaires! I suppose not many people know it isn’t it? So i decided to do a little promotion for him since i already bought the book at the prelaunch price of only $20. 30% discount from if you were to buy it from the bookstore. You even get an autograph from Stuart himself. :)

Stuart Tan Book  Looks quite cool eh? Though it looks similar from Adam Khoo’s Secret of Self Made Millionaire.

I don’t know if this book is good. But if it’s writen by Stuart Tan, i suppose it is good as he is the number one Internet Marketer in Singapore and so i bought it. :)

Anyway, this is the preview of what is in the book and i thought the content are quite good and relevant for newbie marketer like me. Here you go;

In this book, you can discover:

  • How online millionaires make their income… working 16 hours a week
  • A step-by-step process of building your online business
  • How to set up a website in less than a day… with no professional assistance
  • How to get people visiting your website… and buying from you
  • Why intellectual property is the next big thing for businesses everywhere
  • How anybody can create valuable intellectual property… even if you have no expertise yourself
  • How a popular hobby called ‘blogging’ turned three astute individuals into internet millionaires within a year

If you wish to order your book, there is only 188 copies left according to his website and this is the link to order your book.

PS: I don’t earn commission from seling his book, I’m only telling you guys a good offer not to be missed and to allow you to save some money in case you intend to buy it from the bookstore. :)

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