What Is Your Market Price?

Yesterday i went for AXA Financial Management recruitment seminar at Sheraton Hotel as i was invited by my friend to seat in for the talk. Anyway, Success Resources also held a internet marketing bootcamp over at the hotel at the same time! I was definitely more interested in attending the latter but anyway that isn’t the point. The main point is that i have learnt some tips from the speaker and i’m going to share with you here.

“What’s Your Market Price?”

$0.45 – Price of coke in Supermarket

$1.00 – Price of coke in coffee shop

$3.00 – Price of coke in restuarant

$8.00+++ – Price of coke in hotels and pubs

Have you ever wondered why the price of coke of be priced so differently at different place when ALL cokes are manufactured the same at the same factory?

You see, the market place determines the price of the can of coke. People are paying much more in a hotel then in a supermarket because of the service and the ambience the hotel provides.

And what’s the best part here? The best part is that people don’t mind paying 10 times 20 times more to have a better quality service and ambience of the same can of coke that you get at supermarket for $0.45.

We cannot determine the price of the coke but the marketplace can. However, we are able to determine the marketplace that we want to be in.

What’s the moral of the story? The moral of the story is that people don’t mind paying more to be our customers provided we are able to gain their trust by providing them with quality services and information. Often people think that to make money, you just have to send an email with your affiliate link on it to your subscribers and you’ll be able to make tons of money. Sad to say, this never happens.

There are alot of people who are also promoting the same product as you and they probably have the same subscribers as you, if not more. What and why do you think the subscribers has to buy from you and not from the other person? We have to be better than the rest in order for subscriber to trust that you are recommending a good product and therefore buy through your affiliate link.

So how can we be better? By providing them with excellent services and informations that no other people is doing. A very excellent example will be an extra service provided by Dylan Loh, a very famous internet marketer in Singapore. This is the service that he provided when promoting Guru Slayer.This was what he said:

I might be over-simplying things but that’s the main
gist of it. Go ahead. here’s my BLATANT affiliate link
I won’t even attempt to mask it…and there’s good
reason why…


If you click and buy through me I’ll give you

1. ‘Secret Article Profits’ for free when it launches May 11th

2. One-to-one email coaching for 1/2 a year

Excellent services that no one has done it yet isn’t it? By doing this, he has proven to his subscriber that he is different from other people and do you think people will buy through his affiliate link? You should have the answer in your mind now isn’t it?

Look at yourself in the miror today and ask the reflection this question. What is your market price and which price do you want to be?

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