Motivation For Myself…

time to blog about motivation.. When you are in Internet Marketing, there are bound to have many down times when things don’t go as well as you predict. There are also times when you feel that the time put into building up your business does not equate to the income that you are generating. I’m also sure when there are times when you think of giving up. Same for me too.

Like just today, i looked at my current results and felt a little depressed. I’m wasn’t getting the results that i want. It just seems impossible to have a breakthrough in my income. I have an aim to achieve a monthly income of $10,000 during my 3 months school holiday. I’m only 20% there now and i do not have much time left before my holiday end and another semester of school begins.

However, i know that Internet marketing is definitely the instrument that can propel me to my dreams and to the lifestyle that i have wanted to live. I suppose patience is the keyword here. I just have to be patient and keep doing what i am doing. I know one day i will succeed and never ever have to work a day in my life for other people.

Down times are inevitable and it’s only nature for human to feel demoralise. Go away from the computer for one day, look at what the gurus or super affiliate are doing and take a break. But be sure to come back feeling even more fired up and work your way again towards your dreams.

This is more of a motivation post for myself and that’s was why i keep talking in terms of myself. But i hope in the process of trying to motivate myself, you could pick something up from this post and feel a little more motivated and fire up! :)

To our Internet Success!

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