The Best Dance Ever

I just happen to view one the youtube videos that my friend send over to it. It was a dance competition held in Beijing and the couple won the championship for that competition. At first i thought it was just a normal dance and dance competition are like everywhere. I would rather be watching So You Think You Can Dance in the US.

But when i read what my friend told me, i was immediately touched by what i saw. The couple was actually involved in an accident some time back and the guy lost one of his legs while the lady lost one of her arms. And yet they could dance so beautifully with so much confidence in them.

Imagine if you lost one of your legs in an accident, would you still have the courage to take up dancing or even do something that require so much of your physical body?

The message that i got back from this short video clip is that nothing can bring us down, not even the worse condition should bring us down and that no matter what happens, we should live our lives to the fullest. So this should apply also to our Internet Business, especially when failing at one campaign does not mean you would be handicapped for the rest of your life. Nothing should bring us down, if you fail at 1 campaign, then make 2 more. If you fail at 2 campaign, make 4 more and if you fail at 4 campaigns, make 8 more campaigns and you’ll eventually succeed.

What you do not realise is that everytime you fail at a campaign, you will learn something new which you will not repeat again in your next campaign. This was what i realise after failing several campaigns before finding a profitable ones. I will remember what i did not do or did wrongly in my previous campaign and make sure i do not make the same mistake again.

Also, if you are fail at one campaign, you would definitely be reading more and more information from the internet and you’ll find yourself improving and getting better after each failed campaign.

I bet for those super affiliates who are earning 5-6 figures every month from Affiliate marketing, they have definitely failed in more campaigns than anyone else before they are finally successful. Failure is just part and parcel of affiliate marketing so do not be discourage just because you are losing money from your campaigns.

Face it like the couple in the video. Be strong and nothing can stop you from getting what you want. Its the mindset and its the hunger for success that will bring you through.

I have been rather busy in school and thus have not updated my blog for a few days now. I will find more time to talk more about my affiliate experience in my next few post.

Enjoy the videos guys!

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