Ups And Downs Of Affiliate Marketing

Recently Paul from UberAffiliate made a blog post about 5 things All Internet Marketers Must Know and his last point is on the Ups and Downs of Affiliate Marketing… Not long after, Jonathon Volk also blog about the Ups and Downs of Affiliate Marketing…

I think all affiliate marketers out there who are doing PPC to CPA would definitely have experience this. On good days your campaigns converts like mad and your income go up to sky high, setting a record day for yourself. I have experienced this highs several time, each time my campaigns make another new heights and set another record day, my mood went sky high as well. Nothing could spoil my mood for the day.

If you are going to base your monthly income on this record day and project that your income for the month is  Highest Day x 30 days, you are so going to be disappointed. The fact is that your campaigns do not perform at its maximum all the time. There are bound to be days when your campaigns take a dip and your profits drop…

The thing about this business is to accept the roller coaster ride that WILL be happening.. Its just part and parcel of affiliate marketing. When the day is low and your campaigns run low, do not panic or be affected by it and accept that it’s just a bad day and things will start picking up again. Continue to optimize your campaigns and split test for better CTR…

I know the process of getting over this emotional barrier is tough and i myself is still trying to get over this barrier. It will take more experience to get used to the roller coaster ride… Sit tight!

Life Update:  This month has been an amazing month for me.. My net profit now has already exceeded my profits for last month of SGD$21k and its not even half the month yet. I’ll update the actual stats again when the month comes to an end. :)

Gauher Chaudhry is coming out with Pay Per Click Formula 2.0 on 31st March and i’m pretty excited and i believe this course will bring this game one level up… and just nice i’ll have my 3 month holiday break starting from May to implement all his strategies and tactics.. :)

By the way, Gauher has come out with a free report of how to own this CPA game and i highly suggest you to download it immediately. There’s also some crazy bonus in there which completely blew my mind. Jonathan Van Clute with his Prepop strategy and Amish Shah with his $50,000 a day income… You need to get this report here… 

My girlfriend has gotten a job under Dylan Loh’s company, she will be helping him with article marketing and SEO.. It will be a good experience for her to get into the world of Internet Marketing and endless opportunities…  ( If you guys don’t know who Dylan Loh is, he’s a highly successful Internet Marketer in Singapore and has done countless 5 figure launches with many gurus, check out his latest product here. )

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