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  • Merry Christmas 2013!

    cpa academy christmas party

    Almost another year has gone past and 2013 will be over in about a week. It’s during this period of time where everyone mood lighten up and laughter and smiles seems to fill the surroundings with celebrations and gift exchanges! We had our first office […]

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  • Success Story #15 | $25k nett profit in 3rd month

    cpa coaching

    I’m writing this blog post right now in China and i’m currently in Nanjing on a vacation. This is actually my first time touring China and I must say that i truly enjoyed the rich history of the Chinese culture and all the historic story […]

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  • Our first Asia Revenue Contest and Prize


    Asia Revenue has officially opened its door LIVE to our first batch of affiliates in November 2013 in a live workshop done on the 23th and 24th November in Singapore. After attending my CPA Super Affiliate workshop program using PPV and PPC traffic to CPA […]

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  • Affiliate Marketing Or Affiliate Business?


    It’s been awhile since i last recorded a video for you. So today i recorded a video while on my way to work explaining the different things an affiliate marketer can do to expand their business out of just affiliate marketing. I’m not saying affiliate […]

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  • Leadimpact Minimum Starting Deposit Increases to $1000

    leadimpact ppv network

    Oh no! One of my favorite PPV network has just had a dramatic change! They just increase their minimum deposit for new account user from $200 to $1000! That seems like a bad news for many people now and people are complaining! But if you […]

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  • My New Office Tour + The Launch Of Asia Revenue

    asia revenue

    Finally! After 1 month of mad rush and moving, we have finally moved and settled into our new office. I really started out with working from home on my small desk and i eventually shifted to a small office that is just over 180 square […]

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  • Founder Oliver Kenyon Speaks

    One of the best and free affiliate resource out there in the industry now has to be AffiliateFix used to be called but they have adopted a brand new identity because of their bigger plans of focusing not just on CPA marketing but […]

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  • Check out my CPA Blogging Interview on BloggingTips!


    I started this blog 6 years ago not knowing what i was going to blog about. All that i knew was that most affiliate marketer started out by registering their name as the domain and starting a blog on it. So that was exactly what […]

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  • Best CPA Marketing Training Program Ever?

    cpa coaching program

    I know i hasn’t been updating my students results for about 2 months now. And some actually thought what happen to my students and my training program. i saw some comments like this: “Maybe Ivan didn’t update his student’s progress because they are not earning […]

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  • CPA Super Affiliate Live Workshop DVD Is Now Ready – SOLD OUT!


    So the CPA Super Affiliate Live Workshop DVD is finally ready after 2 months of editing and recording. I actually flew my cameraman and videographer to KL, Malaysia to record down the live workshop so that you can re-watch and recap the workshop at your […]

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  • 50onRed Pops Now In BoxOfAds

    box of ads coupon

    Boxofads have really been updating all their tools and software regularly. All these while, they were scrapping ads and data from Leadimpact & Trafficvance. Just recently, they added in another PPV network and that is 50onred POP! This is something huge because up till now, […]

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  • Create Uber Nice Squeeze Pages in 3 Minutes!


    I’m someone who has got no coding nor have any technical knowledge on HTML and programming. Programming has always been a pain in the ass for me. Even when it comes to creating squeeze pages and landing page. Recently i wanted to create a squeeze […]

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  • The New Ivan Ong Blog Theme Is Borned


    So if you ain’t new to my blog, you will realized that my blog theme has completely revamped and changed to a new one! I’m absolutely loving this blog theme and credits have to go to the awesome team at Unique Blog Designs! They have […]

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  • Amazing Time At Asia Internet Congress 2013


    So Asia Internet Congress 2013 have just passed after 2 crazy intensive awesome weekends in Singapore and Malaysia. The event was so awesome. Almost 500-700 were at the show and everyone present was eager to learn and absorb knowledge like a sponge. Soon, it was […]

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  • I’m Speaking At Asia Internet Congress 2013!


    7 years ago when i first chance upon Internet Marketing through a seminar, i was very amazed and intrigue with the possibility of generating money from your own home and not having the need to work for others. When i look back at my first […]

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  • STM (StackThatMoney) Bangkok Meetup 2014


    Are you ready to rock the house down in Bangkok city in 2014? The all famous StackThatMoney forum is having their next meetup in 2014 in Bangkok city! I have been an active subscribers of STM since i don’t know when and i must say […]

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  • Remain Focused. Keep Grinding. Stay Amazing.


    I saw this quote from a very respected CPA marketer in this industry and his name is Ruck from I have been his loyal reader and support of his blog. If you hasn’t read his blog before, i highly encourage you to head over […]

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  • Do you know what is Intext Advertising?

    Intext Advertising

    There are many forms and ways of advertising on the internet. The list goes like this: PPC Search Engine Ads PPT Intext ads PPV Pop up ads Mobile ads Banner ads Display ads Interstitial ads Peel over ads Pop under ads Video ads Text ads […]

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  • Recap Of The Super Affiliate Asia Lunch Meetup – KL

    The Super Affiliate Asia

    So we had my first ever Super Affiliate Asia Lunch Meetup live in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on the 30th September 2013. We had a great time networking and getting to know more people. Many ideas were bounced around and it was all great to see […]

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  • Success Story #9 Part 2: The 6 Figure Stay Home Mom – Sonia Chua

    The 6 Figure Stay Home Mom

    This is definitely not the kind of fake advertisement (farticle) that you see online where people claim work at home mom earn 6 figure income. This is REAL life story.. What do i mean by farticle? Farticle basically just mean fake articles that affiliates put […]

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