Bing Adcenter Budget Nonsense

I’m sure everyone using the Yahoo Search Marketing would have received an email stating that all the search migration has been officially completed and there’ll be no more traffic from the Yahoo platform.

So far my experience with Bing has been pretty sucky though. I shifted my keywords from Yahoo to Bing with the same bids but i wasn’t even getting any traffic at all. I reckon i was bidding too low, so i shifted up my bids.

No impressions again. :(

I then saw that Bing has this function called the Updates All Bids For Best Position.

bingSo i tired them. Some of my keywords bids immediately drop down to $0.05 and i reckon that those keywords probably wont have any impressions.

I also saw that some of my keywords bid increase to $28.50 CPC. Its quite crazy actually. Even Google slap only charges $5-$10 per click. This is $28.50! haha


WARNING: If you are doing this crazy thing, its HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you set a daily budget so you don’t blow your pants.

Bing platform lags anywhere from 2-5 hours ( i do not know how long actually, but there’s definitely room for improvement!! Its really very long ) and you wont know how much you have actually spent per click until the next stats update.

If you do not set a daily budget, you might just get yourself killed with $10 CPC for 100 clicks and that will be $1000 to you.

However, based on my keywords, i’m actually getting a average CPC of $1.36 for my clicks which is actually still quite expensive. I was bidding only $0.50+ on Yahoo previously. :(

If you can see a pause keyword, that 1 click cost me $3.86, so i immediately pause it to prevent anymore clicks coming from that expensive keywords.

This is really interesting to note. Even though i have selected bidding to the top positions, my average positions is actually still not number 1! Some of them are in the position 2 ranking. I wonder why..

Anyway.. That’s all for my rant to Bing. Till then.. :)

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