Bing Adcenter Slap… Ouch… :(

This post is actually a little too late because i actually got slapped by Bahoo/Ying a few weeks back… Apparently they just had implemented some quality score based on their system.

According to them, they called it the QBR or the Quality Based Ranking. Their bots are now better at tracking out sites that do not provide much user experience to the user.

So my bing campaigns suddenly got slapped overnight. They stopped ALL my traffic in that account and refuse to reactivate it back for me after i talk to their live chat.

By the way, their live chat rep knows shit about Adcenter. All they could ask me to do is ask me to read the Editorial Guideline and then take the Adexcellence test to be more proficient in Adcenter and claim that all their reps are highly skilled as they are all certified. Loads of BS. The truth is, they know shit.

Apparently this slap targets the whole account. If you have 1 campaign that does not comply to their QBR, your whole account get slapped and they freeze your whole account, which is outright dumb. There can be 9 good campaigns and only 1 lousy campaign and they freeze your whole account.

So this is what i did, i exported the whole account data and re uploaded it to another new account and re-run them. Apparently the algorithm knew that the campaign had a bad QBR and my ads were not showing on Bing and Yahoo search results. However, this time round, i was receiving impressions from the search partners and content network.

Due to the bad QBR of my campaign, my CPC shot up by 30% and my average position dropped from 2.8 to 5.97. My CTR suffered which caused my CPC to go up even higher.

And again, if your account has got a bad QBR, no matter what you tried to promote, they will not show your ads on the search engines. I ran a campaign promoting a highly reputable website and was just trying to buy traffic for them and try and see if Bing would show my ads on their search engines. Nothing was shown.

So i concluded that if your account has got a bad QBR right from the start, your account was be condemned. Right now i am still trying to figure out what Bing wants and i’ll post more updates here. I have since blown 4 accounts by all getting bad QBR.

Damn it.. anyone would like to chip in any comments about this Bing slap?

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