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Now that Bing and Yahoo has officially merged. Its time to start focusing on the Bing Adcenter platform and screwed Yahoo platform forever.

I must admit that Bing Adcenter platform kinda suck big time as the interface loads pretty darn slowly and everything crawls like a snail.

The keyword tool are not very useful and there’s the broad exact phrase match which didn’t exist in Yahoo.

Lucky, Bing has this very neat desktop tool which works and look exactly like Google Adwords Editor. Unfortunately, this tool only works for Windows OS, so if you are a Macbook user like me, you have to get the parallel software which allows you to run Windows OS on your macbook.

You can download the Bing Adcenter Desktop Tool here.

I must say that even though the Bing Online platform sucks, the desktop version is actually very good! Everything is easy to understand and use ( If you are familiar with Adwords Editor, then this isn’t a problem for you). But if you are unfamiliar with how this works, i recommend you checking out their video tutorials on the Bing desktop tool download page.

This tool combine with SpeedPPC (which allows you to create campaigns on the fly), will help you to ease your workload by many times! SpeedPPC can create campaigns that compliment the desktop tool as well so you can easily upload all your campaigns, adgroups, keywords and ads on the fly. How cool is that..

The migration for me actually kinda screwed up all my campaigns so i am gonna recreate everything on Bing from scratch which will take quite a while. But with these 2 tools, i’m thinking it wont take too long for me!

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