Changes From Google Adwords

In 2005, many Internet Marketers dreams and hope were dashed when Google Adwords introduce the Quality Score system to give people a good user experience. 3 years later, Google has changed and improved a lot on their quality score system and in Aug 2008, Google Adwords is going to update their Quality Score. Here’s what they will be changing:

1) Min Bids will be changed to Min Front Page bids.

This is good news to us. Because we will now know what is the minimum amount we have to bid in order to get into the front page of the Google search engine for that particular keyword. This will enable us to know how competitive the niche is and we can then adjust our bids to get into the front page.

2) There will no longer be such a thing call Inactive For Search status. Instead, every keyword will have its chance of appearing in the Google search engine. However, you might be getting like only one click a day or even lesser. ha

You could read more about Google update right from Google’s blog.

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