Losing My Ass Off Bing Adcenter


The above title should give you an idea of what this post is all about.. i’m actually losing my ass off dealing with Bing the past few days.

The bidding in Adcenter and the reporting statement is really kinda shity.. Reporting is delayed by as much as 6 hours in my experience and the bidding sucks too. With all the advertisers coming to one platform to advertise and create their campaigns, you can be 100% sure that the bid prices will increase.

Setting a budget in Adcenter does not help either. I set a budget of $30 per day to test my campaigns but instead of just spending $30 or maybe exceeding by a little. I actually end up spending $65 on my campaigns. What the point of setting a daily budget when your ad spend can actually exceed your budget by more than 100%?

Seriously, so you are planning to use $30 to test on your campaigns, you better set your daily budget to $15 so that you will not exceed your test budget so crazily.

Always consider a 100% budget lower when testing Adcenter.

I’ll continue to work with Adcenter and update any sucky thing there is to Adcenter. I’m using my money and losing my ass to help you learn more about adcenter so you don’t make the same mistake as i did.


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