Mass PPV Traffic Course

Another PPV course… This is probably the 3rd biggest course that i have encountered with PPV traffic. The first was Gauher Pay Per View Formula and then its CPV Coach and now its Mass PPV Traffic..

So is this course really good for PPV like what it claims to be? As a PPV marketer myself, i can say that they really provide quite alot of content for only $77 and that’s really cheap compared to Gauher PPV formula which cost more then US$500 and CPV Coach which cost $197/mth. So if you want a cheap place to learn about PPV Traffic, then MassPPVTraffic is really a pretty good resources to have.

The content are somewhat similiar to what Gauher has offered because they focus on different things. Gauher focuses alot on CPA offers whereas MassPPVTraffic focuses on building a list with cheap traffic and eventually monetizing the traffic for profits. This means again, you are getting quality product for a darn low price. They have since sold more then 3000 copies of this and i’m not sure if they are going to increase their prices.

They claim that they are paying pennies for every view that they are getting and its true.. I have a TON of campaigns that i am paying $0.01 for but in mediatraffic, the minimum is $0.015 which is still pretty darn cheap is you can convert that traffic into revenue for you.

In all, PPV Traffic simply works and it works pretty darn well.. I have a campaign now that i’m spending $40 a day and getting back $200 in revenue. That’s like 500% ROI.

I know you must be thinking where’s the catch for me doing a product review for Mass PPV Traffic and here it comes..

Here’s my fast action bonus to people who might be interested: Purchase Mass PPV Traffic from my affiliate link (below) and here’s what you’ll get

  • I will help you get started with PPV Traffic
  • I’ll tell you what network to join that loves PPV traffic
  • I’ll even tell you  2 offers to run and what keywords/domain to bid on so that YOU WILL MAKE MONEY IMMEDIATELY!!

Here’s what you need to do, clear your cookie.. Click on my link, purchase the course and email your proof of receipt to zeroaffiliate [at] and we can talk via email from there… :)

Btw here is my link : My MASS PPV TRAFFIC Affiliate Link

Edit: Sorry this bonus is not available anymore…

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