My Trafficvance Account Snapshot

Well… If you have been coming to my blog lately, you’ll probably see the pop up promoting my PPV report about my 7 Deadly Mistakes Of PPV Traffic.

ppv report

In one of the bullet point, i mention that i spend US$250,000 on PPV Traffic alone. This probably raised some suspicious eyebrow as to whether what i said is true. I receive a couple of emails from users questioning the reliability of what i claim. Do not worry, i am not like those ‘guru’ who’ll use everything that’s fake to scam you to believing that its real.

Talking about busting guru, my friend Alex Yeo, posted a very interested blog post on how gurus are scamming people when they actually think they isn’t. Check it out yourself and have a good laugh over it.

By the way, with regards to my claim on the pop up, i’ll prove what i am saying is real by taking screenshot of my Trafficvance account to prove the credibility of my claim.



If you are wondering why there are 2 screenshot, I actually have 2 Trafficvance account and you’ll notice that the 2 user name is actually different. If you total the amount spent total, it actually came up to a total amount of US$320,850.77, which is more than what i claim from my pop up that i spend US$250,000 from PPV Traffic.

As for the traffic driven, if you add them up, i’m too lazy to add them up, it totaled about 4.5 million visitors to my websites and affiliate offers.

This blog post is actually nothing but just to prove that i am not boosting up my claim in my pop up and want to show those who questioned me that i did not try to bluff you. Anyway, my report is free, why is there a need to con you?

And to those who are my loyal readers, i hope this post will bring upon you the fact that PPV traffic really do work and has worked very well for me for the past years. Continue grinding and keep working and you’ll get there. :)

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