Pay Per Text Advertising

Have you heard about pay per text advertising? This was a concept formulated by Gauher Chaudhry and initially i thought this has got to do with text messaging and mobile marketing. However, after going through some of his videos, i realized that pay per text is actually just text links ads. Haha so much for the name huh? but it sounded nice though.

So what’s Pay Per Text?

Its essentially just advertising text links or contextual advertising. How’s how it works, you might have come across some websites whereby thereĀ  are some words with a double underline on it. When you mouse over the text, a short description actually comes out with your ad on it. It usually contains a picture with a short description and your display url.textlinks ads

This is actually how it will look like. You mouse over the keyword and an ad will come out!

Do you know that TrafficVance is not just a ppv network? Trafficvance also has a nice inventory of Text Links ads on their network! And to my surprise, my account manager at trafficvance actually said that the revenue they generate from their text links ads is about the same as their display (PPV) ads!

This just shows that people are making good moneyw with text links ads and this is definitely another good source of targeted traffic.

With PPV, the min bid starts from $0.01 but with text links ads, the mininum bid starts from $0.15 but you only pay when someone clicks on your ads. So this is somehow similiar to PPC, just that there’s no such thing as quality score or 1 url rule or ctr or whatever nonsense you can find in PPC. The highest bidders wins! As simple as that.


I did a small test on the textlinks portion using my traffivance account and the results has been pretty good. Even though i made a small lost on the test campaigns, i was able to get my feet wet with pay per text advertising. I also found that most keywords that i was bidding on had NO competitors at all. I was the #1 bidder at $0.15 which is really the minimum.

I will continue to test and play around with the text links in Trafficvance and will update you guys on my progress. I hope to shift some of my profitable campaigns to textlinks ads and see how the results goes


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