Pay Per View Traffic Exposed

For the first time, Pay Per View Traffic is being exposed to the public and now everyone can have access to the knowledge of learning contextual traffic to CPA offers. This is sick as competitions will definitely increase for me and thus my profit margin will decrease. :(

Gauher has released his private home study course Pay Per View Formula to the public on the 8th of October and you can for the first time, get all the information you need to run a successful business using pay per view traffic sources.

Here’s the beauty of PPV traffic sources and i personally love this traffic alot because its so simple to manage and setup a campaign.

  • No more landing page! Yes… Direct Linking is absolutely fine
  • No more quality score! Screw Google quality score rule..
  • No more ads writing! you do not even need to write any ads at all… Just pluck your affiliate link!
  • No Competition! This is a killer because you can get bids for as low as $0.01 and still get tons of targeted traffic!

You might want to get onto Gauher Pay Per View Formula prelaunch list to get early notification of the pay per view formula launch.

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