What’s Your Landing Page Load Time?

website-load-timesMost people would already know that in PPV traffic, all it takes is just 3 seconds for the visitor to notice your ad or click the cross button straight away.

I mention before the importance of a good hosting server which will allow your site to load faster than a shared hosting server. However, another important component for the success of your PPV campaigns lies on the landing page load time.

How fast is your landing page loading? If your landing page loads more than 3 seconds, then you are probably a goner and your ROI might be drastically affected because of the slow loading time.

I chanced upon this site (actually i knew it all along), that will allow you to test your landing page loading time and gives you recommendation for change on your landing page. You can check out the load time analyzer here.

Things that you can change are always the size of your images. You can reduce the size of the image by reducing the quality of the image but not compromising the lookability of the image and you can drastically reduce your landing page load time just by doing that.

I’m a photoshop noob so i’m using this really cool software call Snagit for Mac which has this function to reduce the quality of the size by whatever percentages you want.

This is one little trick i use to reduce my landing page load time. You can try it out and test the difference in your ROI, i’m sure you’ll be surprised!

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