Where can I get international traffic?

One of the things that i have been focusing on has been international offers that are outside of the USA. Even though USA is a huge market with almost unlimited amount of money to be made, the fact is that its getting too competitive these days. Traffic bid prices have also been increasing higher and higher, making profit margin slimmer and slimmer. Especially in the PPV traffic area, TV bid price have gone up so much that its tough to be getting a good ROI.

Therefore, branching out to International traffic has been one of my focus for the past months. However, there are a few cons to breaking into international market like Spain, Germany, Brazil etc. One of the main barrier is language barrier. The fact that English isn’t the main language in that country makes it tough for people to break into that market.

It is also this barrier that deters many affiliates from going into International market. However, the fact is you do not need to know a word about the language for you to be making money in that country.

Believe it or not, i’m making profits in some countries like Germany and Spain and i do not know a word about German or Spainish!

You can easily hire a translator over at OneHourTranslation.com and you can your website translated 100% to another language!

The second major barrier to entry for International market is traffic. Where can i get a huge volume of international traffic that are good and effective?

adooriOne of my secret traffic weapon for international traffic has been Adoori.com. Adoori is a Hong Kong based traffic network that specialised in international pop under traffic.

They actually have traffic for almost every other country that you can think of outside of USA.

Traffic starts from $2CPM for international traffic, which just means $0.002 for every visitor that sees your landing page. You can never get this price for US traffic. Trafficvance pop cost $0.011 min and Leadimpact pop cost $0.015.

This has made getting international traffic very affordable and of course, your profit margin will be higher.

Adoori also have got alot of volume for certain high traffic countries like Spain and Italy.

If you think International market just means European countries, then you are so so wrong. Brazil has been a huge market for international offers lately and you can get huge volume of visitors from Brazil with Adoori. In fact, i heard from my account rep at Adoori that they have the highest traffic inventory for Brazil and some latin America countries.adoori

As you can see, getting traffic is not a problem at Adoori, i have run and gotten more than 500,000 international visitors from all over the world to my landing pages.

They run via a bidding system whereby you can control the bid amount so you can control the amount of traffic you can receive. Visitors frequency are automatically set to 24 hours, which means one unique visitor can only see your ads once to avoid spending money on irrelevant visitors.

They have been continuously been upgrading their interface and now include Channel targeting which has not been available before. Its kinda like category targeting like you see in Mediatraffic and DirectCPV. It used to be all RON traffic. With category targeting, your audience are more relevant.

The account rep has also been one of the most valuable asset in Adoori. My account rep has helped me tremenously in terms of helping me find profitable countries to target on Adoori and also their speedy campaign approval. I can get my campaign approved in 15mins if i’m on AIM with her. That’s how fast and efficient my account rep at Adoori is.

With traffic sources, its all about building a relationship with your account rep and getting him/her to help you to make the best out of the network and to maixmise your profit potential. Adoori has done it for me.

If you are keen to get started with International traffic outside of USA, i would highly recommend you to check out Adoori as your first traffic network!

Click here to sign up for Adoori and test their traffic today!

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  1. Bas

    The link isn’t working. The whole website seems to be down?
    Which networks do you recommend at the moment?

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