The Secret To My Amazingly Fast SEO Results

In my previous few posts, i blogged about the pros and cons of free traffic and i got many readers asking me how the heck did i manage to pull in 1000 Unique Visitors in just 2 short months..

My SEO income for the month of  January 2010 is approximately US$8000 in 100% PURE PROFITS.. No advertising expenses to this SEO income because they all came from free traffic!

And today i”ll blogged about the secrets that i used personally to sky rocket my SEO income like crazy… I started my SEO traffic from zero and in just 2 months, i’m receiving 1000 odd unique visitors a day to my website on COMPLETE autopilot.. You heard me right.. I said COMPLETE AUTOPILOT.. Its like a dream come true, once the traffic starts flowing and you have your conversion sales funnel in place, the money just flow like water…

In SEO, we have to first understand what does Google really want from us in order to get ranked in their search engine? What determines how Google rank your website and why does Google rank your website for this particular keyword?

A good place to start learning SEO is actually from Aaron Wall at There’s tons of free information there about SEO..

I’m just gonna summarise what i think SEO is really all about..

  1. Google wants unique fresh content.
  2. Google wants your website to be popular and many people linking back to your site
  3. Google wants your website to provide value to their users

That’s about what i think Google wants from us in a super brief way.. Simple enough…

Creating unique fresh content is easy, all you have to do is to outsource people to write unique articles and you are good to go.. Of coz, if your content is good, you are in a way providing value to Google users and google will like your website.

The toughest and most tedious part of SEO comes from point #2.. Google wants your website to be popular and have many people linking to your website. We all know a new website cant be too popular immediately and cant have many people linking to you since you are just 1 of the billions of blogs out there on the Internet. Therefore, we need to MAKE Google thinks that we are popular and well-liked by linking to ourselves from other sites.. (This is call backlink)

To create backlinks, there are many ways to create them and we need to create it in a random way so Google doesn’t know it was created by the same users. Some methods of creating backlinks includes,

  1. Article Marketing – Writing quality articles submitted to various article directories linking back to your website.
  2. Video Marketing – Submitting your videos to many videos site
  3. RSS Marketing – Submitting your website RSS feeds to many  RSS syndicate networks
  4. SocialBookmarking – Tapping onto the authority sites and creating links back to you
  5. Social Network aka Link Wheel – Leveraging on the power of web 2.0 sites such as blogger/wordpress/ning platform and creating links back to you ( this is a killer if done properly, you’ll get ranked super quickly)
  6. Profile Linking – You can create a backlink from your profile page of many authority sites
  7. Blog Commenting – Commenting on blogs of related niche will get you more backlinks too

There you have it, these are the 7 ways of creating backlinks for yourself in order for Google to love your website… There’s still ALOT more ways but i just lazy to type ALL of them out..

This is tedious and tough manual work and if you were to outsource these to Indians or Phillippines, it would still cost you more then US$500 a month just to get them done and the quality might not even be good at all… (Some workers are just plain lazy and work like a tortoise.)

For me personally, i use a software that does all of the above mention for me on autopilot.. The software moves by itself and once you set the software up, it will literally moves by itself to do all of the above mentioned for you! Its crazy to see how hard this software works for you as if they were doing it for their own business…

From account creation to spinning articles to submiting your website to building backlinks, everything is done for you.

This amazingly software i’m talking about is SeNuke.

This software is not cheap though, it cost US$127 a month but if you think about what i have achieved using this software, its a no brainer at all…

SEnuke Complete Marketing Software

You can check out SeNuke from the banner above.. ( yep this is my affiliate link and i do get 30% commission if you purchase SE nuke, BUT… if you purchase se nuke here, i’ll give you a special bonus, a bonus that will teach you how to fully and completely utilize the power of SeNuke to give you search ranking in the least time possible.

If you are intending to purchase SeNuke here, simply forward me your receipt of purchase via the contact me page on my blog and i’ll hook up with you to send you your special bonus.. :)

PS: Did i mention that there’s a 7 day free trial for you to try out this software, if you do not like it, simply cancel your subscription from paypal and you’ll never be billed again.. But i’m pretty darn sure you’ll love this software..

PPS: Oh yea… if you are thinking there might be a crack version to this software, it doesn’t have any because the software calls back home so often that the hackers gave up trying to crack them and the software is constantly being updated that the hackers simply cant keep up with the technology and updates.

PPPS: You guys know i’m also a fan of pirated stuffs but this software is simply amazing, i’ll pay US$300 a month just to use this software because of the amazing results it brings me… 1000 unique visitors is just 2 short months… Its almost like a dream come true to me… I’m building up my business and diversifying my traffic source to more than just PPC or PPV traffic.. This is gonna be a long term passive income for me…

PPPPS: Oh well… for god sakes, just go check out Senuke.. Just try their 7 day trial and see if you like it… If there’s one software that i must have in my arsenal of tools, it’s gonna be this for sure… Just click on the banners you see on this post… :)

PPPPPS: REMEMBER to email me if you have purchase SE nuke here so i can send you your bonus!

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