SkyQuestCom International Rally 2007

What a night yesterday at Swissotel Ballroom. It was SkyQuestCom International Rally 2007. The rally is a annual dinner to recognise the leaders in SkyQuestCom who have attained at least director level. More then 400 people attended the event with people from China, India and Japan.

Mr Richard Tan, CEO SkyQuestCom announced the news of IPO to members of SkyQuestCom and what i heard was thunderous claps and roar especially from the China leaders. The scene was simply fantastic. Everyone was high in spirit and morale. Even Jay Abrahman went on stage to give a speech to us to congratulate us for joining one of the best company ever.

Guess what, Dr Clemen Chiang came up on stage to give a speech on the potential growth of SkyQuestCom when it is listed up on the stock market. What a motivating speech by Dr Clemen Chiang who is a Chief Options Strategist in Freely Business School. He sees great potential growth in SkyQuestCom as SkyQuestCom has met all the requirements of a highly profitable company such as Mircosoft and Google.

I’m even more convinced and motivated that i have joined the right company and now what i need now is to climb to the level of director as soon as possible to have a share of the pie in the company shares.

Its actually quite a night to be able to take photograph with 2 millionaires, one being Mr Richard Tan, CEO SkyQuestCom and Dr Clemen Chiang, CEO Freely Business School. Check out the picture below.


The girl that you see beside me accompanied me to SkyQuestCom International Rally Dinner. She’s pretty isn’t it? hee.. More of the pictures that we took below.


To find out more about the business model of SkyQuestCom and the reason why SkyQuestCom is able to get listed on the stock market and has so much potential for growth. Take a look at the website below.

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