Testimonial #8 – Simon Wee

wow… Received a very nice email with a very nice subject title today that made me smile.

this is the email title that he sent out to me… I made me want to read what was in the email and

the email was even more pleasant..——————-

Hi Ivan,I want to say thank you very much to you !After attended your workshop in November 2012
I started to make money online with CPA and
generated USD $2926.90 revenue in that month.I’m a person that do not have a degree, diploma
and SPM certificate. One of the BEST ever decision
I’ve made in 2012 is to join your workshop and learn
from you. I always believe by learning with the RIGHT person,
applying the RIGHT strategies, doing the RIGHT things,
I will get the “RIGHT” results.The ways you teach is really step-by-step and
easy to understand. Thanks for sharing all your
experience and always come back to me when I’ve

I wanted to update you my progress and here is some of my results
screen shot since november 2012 :

This is november month result. I remember that you
have share with me how you get started since you are
still studying, this is what you said :

“Morning when study time, you go study. At night
when others sleeping, you working on your IM.” (no wonder your voice so sexy…lol)

This is how I work this month to achieve this result !

This is my december month results. There is lots of holidays this month
in malaysia, I didn’t work as hard as november 😛

Today is 14 Jan 2013 and this is the results as to date.
This month I got a breakthrough, I hit USD $449.90 revenue
in a day (I’m very happy :D). I will keep on working hard
and my next target is USD $1000/day….

Once again Thank you very very much to you, I hope that you
don’t travel that often 😛 keep on teaching and let more and more
people benefit from it…

Best Regards,
Simon Wee

Just want to say i’m very proud of you Simon and you definitely every dollar that you earn online because its your hard work and perseverance that allows you to earn this money and change your life!
Looking forward to see you at the top!
I’m very happy as this is my #8 testimonial of success story so far.. My personal goal has been to change 20 people’s life through my coaching program and im almost halfway there! :)

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